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Fun2Sport offers the services of his coaching team experienced and specialized each in their field: optimization of your training, techniques for all of the benefits of your training, your diet to improve your performance. Arnaud Gaultier Médecin and osteopath, specialized in nutrition and optimization training, Arnaud is also the healer [...]

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or e-bike, the bike is smooth, for all and for all!   Video: E-bike tour au floridor le velo, Discipline queen of endurance Sport! The bike is with swimming and cross-country skiing the discipline queen of endurance sport. It is indeed one of the most practiced ways and [...]

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Hydration during exertion a significant sweat during exertion on average we lose about 0.5 to 1 L/h but in some well-trained athletes, sweating may be more than 3 L/h. It is therefore important to compensate for these water losses by drinking during the effort. Drinking well during the sport the ideal is to drink regularly, [...]